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Sl No From To Messege
1 Enterprenure-ONA6  Investor- Sir, Thanks for your comments, would you like to invest in our project
2 Investor-amitinv2050@yahoo.com  Enterprenure-ONA6 Good
3 Investor-ibandhu@hotmail.com  Enterprenure- Good
4 Investor-ibandhu@hotmail.com  Enterprenure-O190161205800 Please provide contact details
5 Enterprenure-O190161205800  Investor- Thanks for contacting.
6 Investor-goutam@diligenttech.in  Enterprenure- Good Project
7 Enterprenure-  Investor- test comment
8 Enterprenure-O190161205800  Investor- Will send shortly
9 Investor-sumankumarghoshcu@gmail.com  Enterprenure- can you kindly show your all details