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BIO DEGRADABLE TABLEWARE AND DISPOSABLE SIDDHARTH District: Hooghly 2020-07-09 Credit Assessment score: Not Applicable SWAACH BIO-D TABLEWARE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: BIO DEGRADABLE BAGGASE TABLEWARE AN ALTERNATIVE TO ONE TIME USAGE PLASTIC All countries world wide including India are moving towards a more sustainable plastic free existence and elimination of One time usage Plastics especially in disposables like plates,glasses,cups etc. This throws open an unique opportunity to manufacture BAGGASE BASED 100% BIO DEGRADABLE TABLEWARES. The technology is proven and in existence for last 12 yrs but as the products are expensive its take-off has been slow. (Just 10 ton out of potential 300 ton per day). Recent Government initiatives for eradicating plastic has given a big boost to this segment. Anyone who enters manufacturing of baggase tableware will have immense first mover advantage in an industry which will grow exponentially and give 30%+ of margins.