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Agricultural Tracibility Ashim Banerjee District: Kolkata 2019-10-15 Credit Assessment score: Not Applicable Xygrow Technologies Pvt Ltd Agritech Solution Business and Technology Objectives The solution applies to indoor and outdoor farming applying IOT, Big data and Blockchain. The advantage over other solutions is that it provides an end to end solution. Investors will gain in volumes as farms adopt the technology. This covers most of the scenarios where technology can be vital to farms and farmers. This is a complete agri-tech solution leading to higher quality, yield and productivity. Thus country benefits will be high as the solution supports more production in less space with optimal  conditions. Wide variety of food products will be available in all markets as strategic farms will grow specific crops. Technology solution predicts the weather, controls energy cost, increases yield, optimizes the use of raw materials,  ensure quality in the supply chain, improves manpower productivity, capture key information - right at the point of activity - using powerful, handheld computing devices built for the job. Mission There’s nothing left to chance. But to follow the defined road maps.