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Ferry without Worry Debapratim Sanyal District: Kolkata 2019-08-09 Credit Assessment score: Not Applicable LockGate Shipping Pvt Ltd •West Bengal – At a glance Lock-Gate – Ferry without Worry 5 x Project Summary and Investor Pitch Deck State Capital: Kolkata Geographical Area: 88,752 sq km Boarders 4 states and 3 countries Population: 91.3 million State Income (NSDP): INR 728,974 Cr. Consistent Economic Growth Excellent Connectivity Strategic Location High Tourist Influx Diverse Tourism Products Ease of Doing Business CAGR of 11.06 % from 2004-05 to 2014-15 International and domestic airports, rail and Road and high Inland waterway connectivity proximity to East, North-East India and ASEAN/SAARC region Domestic tourist - 8th highest - 70 mn. visitors Himalayas, Religious, Forest, Historical sites Cultural Hot Spots, Festivals, Dance & Art ranked 11th in Ease of Doing Business