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e-voq drive Abhishek Tiwari District: Howrah 2019-06-09 Credit Assessment score: Not Applicable e-voq We plan on launching an app cab service in various Indian cities with a fleet made up of entirely electric vehicles. The charging and maintenance infrastructure that will be set-up by us can be used by other EVs in the future. We believe that this initiative of ours would serve as a catalyst for mainstreaming electric vehicles, reducing emission levels and in turn helping tackle climate change. E-voq is a solution to many a problems. It is estimated that vehicular exhausts from anywhere between 50 to 90% of total air pollutants. That is a large amount of pollution that is caused just by our basic need to travel from one place to another. We believe that switching to electric vehicles for our daily travel needs is the only way forward. Our target group of consumers would be people aged 16-35 who are environmentally conscious and form 76% of total users of app based cab services. Furthermore there is a huge unregulated cab service sector in India and we are looking to make inroads into that. We all also targeting the consumers which are over 35 years of age as our pricing is much lower as compared to other cab providers in the country.