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SALADIFIED Arijit ... Chatterjee District: Kolkata 2017-12-29 Credit Assessment score: Not Applicable AVEULIR HOTELS PRIVATE LIMITED SALADIFIED is a joint venture of Arijit Chatterjee & Indranil Banerjee, to introduce main-course innovative Salads and Superfood Smoothies as an alternate wholesome meal, delivered to customer's doorstep at their residence or at office. It's a fast-causal food outlet, and is a government recognized start-up. We have completed a pilot operation of 3 months, including some promotional event and catering to some local event parties as a food supplier. We aim to work primarily in delivery based model, but also considering brick & mortar model in future. We also focus on the packaging of our food, so that anyone can have it anywhere. We're potentially scalable and also, want to venture in community based agriculturing by working with local farmers and vendors. We believe in bringing transparency in food supply chain, and work towards unadulterated, farm to fork business model.